Manually creating and editing playlists

If your server does not allow PHP, ASP or ColdFusion, which are required for Wimpy to automatically return a list of the mp3 files on your server, you can still use Wimpy by creating and editing XML playlists manually.

Playlist.xml files take the place of wimpy.php or wimpy.asp. So to use a playlist, use the Customizer tool to set the wimpy script file to the playlist.xml file rather than wimpy.php/asp.

To create an XML playlist manually:

1. Click here to download some example XML playlists.

2. Open a playlist.xml file in a text editor (such as notepad) and edit the <filename> for each item so that it is a URL an mp3 file on your server.



3. Upload the edited playlist.xml file to your server.

4. Use the Customizer tool to create a myWimpy.html file. For the first question enter the URL to the playlist.xml file on your server. Example:

After answering the remaining questions, save the resulting myWimpy.html file to your local machine, then upload it to your server, or incorporate the HTML into an existing page.

NOTE: Be sure to empty your browsers cache after making a change to either the playlist.xml file and/or your HTML page, and / or uploading a modified file so that your browser knows to retrieve the latest version of the files.








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