Loading Wimpy into another Flash project

To use Wimpy within your existing Flash project, use the "Wimpy Loader" example. 

Before you begin:

- Upload Wimpy and any skin files to your web server.

- Created, uploaded and tested a "wimpyConfigs.xml" file. Follow the instructions for generating a Wimpy Configs" file by clicking here.

- Wimpy will **probably** NOT work when "testing" or viewing your compiled Flash project (SWF file) locally (on your PC). You must test Wimpy within your Flash project on a live server. This is due to "sandbox" security measures built into Flash (e.g. All files that run within a Flash project **should** be located on the same or


1. Download the Wimpy Loader example.


2. Copy and Paste the gray box with the Wimpy logo in it to your existing flash project.

NOTE: Click on images to enlarge.


3. Resize the gray box to the size you would like the player to be.


4. While the gray box is still selected, open the “Actions" panel. (From the Main Menu > Window > Actions)


5. You should see code in the Actionscript editor similar to the code shown in the image to the right.



6. Scroll down until you see:

_root.wimpySwf = "wimpy.swf";
_root.wimpyConfigs = "wimpyConfigs.xml";


7. Change both variables so that they use the proper URL to each file on your server.


_root.wimpySwf = "";
_root.wimpyConfigs = "";








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