Skin doesn't load

Things to take a double look at:

Proper URL to skin file?

When using the Customizer tool, did you click the "test" next to the URL entered for the Wimpy Skin file to ensure that the URL is correct?

Uploaded associated graphics?

Does your skin use a custom background JPG or SWF image? If so, be sure to upload the file to the same place as the skin_name.xml. The background image should already be located in the same folder on your local computer using the same name as the skin accept with an added "_bkgd."


Same sub.domain references?

All files associated with Wimpy must be located on the same web site / domain / sub.domain. Do not reference a skin_file.xml that resides on another web site, or another When referencing wimpy.swf, wimpy.php and any other reference to Wimpy-related files, be sure to use the same "style" -- even when accessing or linking to the page that contains Wimpy. For example, either always use "" OR always use just "" -- don't mix and match references.




When launching Wimpy (myWimpy.html) be sure to use the same sub.domain scheme in the link.

For example, If you've used the following throughout:

... then when you link to myWimpy.html, be sure to use a full URL in the link as:

<a href="" yada yada >

If you've used the following reference to the Wimpy files when using the Customizer tool:

... then when you link to myWimpy.html, be sure to use a full URL in the link as:

<a href="" yada yada >


Other reasons why the skin does not show properly:

- Using an older version of wimpy.

It is always best to use the most recent version.

- Manually editing the HTML code that the Customizer tool generates.

- Scaling or setting the width and height attributes in the HTML that are different from that of the width and height defined in the the skin_name.xml. (this should not cause issues with versions of wimpy mp3 player higher than 5.2.6)

- A firewall setting on the end users computer that prevents certain files types (XML) from loading.

- If the user has set their Macromedia Flash plugin security setting to prevent access to certain web sites, or block all web sites.

To check for this issue, Right click in the wimpy window area and choose "settings" or visit:

- CSS style sheets, DHTML or <div> naming conflicts with other CSS style sheet, DHTML or <div> elements on your page.

- JavaScript scripts that alter the way the HTML page is rendered.

- Other Flash movies embedded in the same page that use the same HTML attributes as those defined for the display of wimpy.

- And of course, using an older version of the Macromedia Flash plugin.

Wimpy MP3 Player was designed to work with Macromedia Flash version, Wimpy will not work with earlier versions (i.e. version and below). It is always best to use the latest version of the plugin. Wimpy has built-in plugin detection for older version of the plugin, but the plugin detection is not 100% reliable due to a number of factors surrounding how the plugin works with a variety of operating systems, browsers, and personal or network-based security settings. Flash version was released in early 2002.








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