Some external Podcasts won't load or play

Some podcasting web sites will use an XML style sheet in conjunction with the actual podcast, which allow the podcast to be used as a web page and a podcast. Under this circumstance, the style sheet information needs to be removed so that the style sheet information does not interfere with how the XML data is interpreted.

In addition, XML files can not be loaded into Flash from another domain. This is a security feature built into the Flash Plugin. To use a podcast from another web site, you will have to use a"Podcast Proxy" -- a working example of a podcast proxy is included in the podcasting scripts available in the "tools" section.

Some podcasters do not use MP3 files in their podcasts, instead, they may use another audio file format. Wimpy can only play MP3 files. So any podcast that uses non-MP3 files will not display in the playlist or work with Wimpy.

And finally, if the podcaster has set up their podcast by using a URL to a script, such as PHP or ASP, to "pull" the file from the server, rather than a direct URL to the mp3 file, then the podcasts will not display within Wimpy.

For example:

If a podcast is set up to use the following URL to the mp3 file:
... as opposed to:

Then Wimpy will not be able to determine if the reference to the file to play is an actual mp3 file, and subsequently, Wimpy will not list or play the file.

Click here for more information on using Wimpy with Podcasts.








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