Embedded Playlist + JavaScript = Nice

You can specify which files to play directly rather than relying on wimpy.php or a playlist.xml file. The "Embedded Playlist" option in the Customizer tool will embed the playlist into the HTML code, allowing you to easily specify which file(s) are played.

It is recommended that you use this option in conjunction with the "Make Javascript Player" option, which will make it easier to change the playlist by simply editing the javascript parameter, rather than manually editing the cumbersome HTML code.

When this option is used in conjunction with the "Make JavaScript Player" you can present a player in your page by simply using the following javascript function call:

<script language="JavaScript" >
    makeWimpyPlayer("275", "275", "#000000", "http://www/one.mp3")

This will render the player to the page and embed the file(s) specified into the player's playlist. Of course you should be familiar with JavaScript in order to use this feature.

The "Make JavaScript Player" option outputs an HTML page that contains a JavaScript function in the <head> tag, which you may want to move to a seperate.js file so that you can use the function in a number of pages.

To use more than one file, separate each url to mp3 file with a pipe.



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