Using SWFs as cover art

- The Flash document for your coverart.fla should be set up to 125x125 pixels.

- Animations will run at 24 frames per second, regardless of the actual frames per second you set in the coverart.fla. (All externally loaded swf movies take on the frame rate of the swf that it is loaded into... Wimpy runs at 24 frames per second)

- Wimpy assumes that the loaded coverart.swf file is 125x125. If the "graphic area" is resized using Skin Machine, the loaded coverart.swf file will be stretched or squished accordingly.

- When you export the coverart.swf file, be sure to set the Flash output (as defined in the "Publish" settings) to: Flash Version 6, Actionscript version 1.0.

If your cover art swf files are using a different dimension that a square, you should build your image "in" a Movie Clip (If you already have you image built, you can copy and paste the frames [From the main menu > "copy frames"] into an empty movie clip symbol). Then reformat your main stage to 125x125 pixels (From the main menu > Modify > Document). Then move the movie clip containing your image to the main stage and resize it... be sure to pin the movie clip in the upper left hand corner (x=0, y=0) and export as coverart.swf.








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