Only two or three files will play

If you are encountering a problem where only 2 or 3 files will play, but the rest will not play unless you refresh your web page... There could be a number of reason for this behavior. The bottom line is that once you click the "play" button, an MP3 starts to load. If you click "pause" or "stop" the MP3 will still continue to load. So if you click on another MP3, and the first MP3 has not fully loaded, then your PC will actually be loading 2 MP3 files at the same time

This can cause problems on both your PC and on your web server. Sometimes web servers are set up so that only a certain number of connections can be made at a time. For example, a web server may be configured to only allow 3 or 4 "connections" to particular kinds of files at a single point in time (such as MP3 files -- or files that are not necessarily part of a standard web page). If your web server is set up to behave like this, you will not be allowed to load new files until the first file is fully loaded. Check with your server administrator to see if they can configure the server to allow more "connections per session."

This problem is most common when using Wimpy Button, and rarely occurs when using Wimpy MP3 Player, Wimpy AV, or Wimpy Wasp. Wimpy MP3 Player and Wimpy AV will actually unload any audio that is currently playing when a new MP3 file (or video) is requested.







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