FrontPage issues

Wimpy has not been tested with Microsoft FrontPage. We do not recommend FrontPage because FrontPage has a tenancy to alter HTML after it has been incorporated into your page.

If you use the Customizer Tool to generate an HTML snippet or HTML page and save the HTML... FrontPage may change the HTML without warning or notification. Since FrontPage alters the HTML code the Customizer Tool HTML may cause wimpy to no function properly.

There is some documentation out there on the web that lets you prevent FrontPage from altering the HTML code, but this "work around" has not been verified, and is not guaranteed to work.

Please refer to the links below.

To prevent FrontPage from altering your code as it saves or uploads, click Tools»Page Options»HTML Source, and choose "Preserve existing HTML".

# 10.  I am using Microsoft Frontpage 2000 but still have difficulties
If you edit your pages with FrontPage 2000 and are experiencing problems with your stats, it's most likely due to FrontPage altering the OneStat code. Please delete the OneStat code out of your page and follow the steps below:
-View your page in Design View (default view).
-Click on bottom of page.
-Click Insert > Advanced and select "HTML".
-Place your cursor where you'd like to insert the OneStat code.
-Insert the OneStat code between the body tags.
-Click "Ok"

Here are a couple alternate things you can try:

1. You **should** be able to access wimpy.asp directly. This will not allow you to use a custom skin though. However, you can edit the "options" by editing the variables within the wimpy.asp page. Open wimpy.asp in a test editor and refer to the notes within the code of the page.

2. If you decide to save an HTML file from the Customizer tool. Try saving the Customizer output file with an "asp" extension rather than an "html" extension. Example: rather than myWimpy.html, save as myWimpy.asp.






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