FLV problems

FLV file does not appear

Check your FTP program's upload setting:
Some FTP programs may not know how to handle the file and "default" to uploading the file as ASCII. Check your settings in your FTP program and make sure that the file is uploaded using the "BINARY" mode.

Check your servers MIME types.
Web servers rely on "MIME" configurations to understand what kind of files are on the disk and how to "server them up." Windows 2003 Server is known to not recognize the FLV file and must be tweaked to recognize the FLV format. Other web servers may need to have their MIME settings edited to recognize the FLV file format


Windows 2003 Server

There may be an issue with Windows 2003 Server not streaming FLV videos. The issue basically hinges on the FLV extension not being recognized as a MIME type, hence the server doesn't know how to handle the file.

The proper mime type for FLV video is:


Click here for the Macromedia Knowledgebase Article for detailed information on fixing this issue on your server.

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Video don't automatically advance (OR, the timeline freaks out / doesn't move properly)

Some FLV encoders (especially older encoders) fail to incorporate a time signature within the "meta" tags of the FLV file.

Meta tags are simply little pieces of information included in the file that provide specific information about the file such as author, title time signature, compression settings and so on.

Wimpy is dependent on properly formatted meta tags -- specifically the "duration" tag to determine the proper length of the video in total seconds.

If you used an encoder that did not include the duration of the video in the meta tags, then wimpy will not know how long the file is in total seconds -- hence, the "scrubber" (or time line controller) will default to thinking that the video is about 10 seconds.

To resolve this issue, you will have to run your FLV video through a "Time Fixer" so that the FLV contains the proper "duration" meta tag -- you can learn about "Time Fixers" here in the "About FLV" page.

Wimpy AV

Videos greater than 3 minutes in total duration.

Videos > 3 minutes long may stop 1 or two seconds before the end of the actual video. Wimpy determines when to stop playing the file based on a percentage of time (current / total). For longer files the percentage factor decreases.

For example

A video that is 500 seconds long, when it reaches 499 seconds in play time would yield 99.8% complete.

Whereas a file that is 50 seconds in total time, when it was 49 seconds complete would yield 98% complete.

Wimpy trips the "I'm done" method at about 99.5% complete in order to compensate for internal discrepancies that exist between meta information and what the plugin reports. (This discrepancy is a long, boring story, with many variables).

Longer files will "trip out" slightly before the actual end of play time. In order to overcome this issue, you will need to over-ride any metadata information that describes the total seconds, and plugin derived total seconds by defining the total seconds within an XML playlist.

You can define a simple XML playlist for your video manually, or you can use Playlister.

    <artist>Artist Name</artist>
    <title>Video Title</title>

Click here for more information on defining and using playlists.

Once you have your XML playlist, use the Customizer tool to run Wimpy off of the XML playlist by entering the URL to the playlist.xml file in the "Wimpy Script" section of the Customizer tool.

XML playlists only work with Wimpy MP3 Player and Wimpy AV. Wimpy Wasp does not use XML playlists.



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