Upgrade Flash / Player Disappears

Player Disappears


Only the latest version of Wimpy products work with Flash plugin version 10.

Older versions of Wimpy will no longer work for users who have upgraded their Flash Plugin to version 10. This is due to the plugin being more strict with respect to the way that Actionscript code is interpreted within the player.

If you purchased Wimpy after November 3, 2007, you should have already received an email containing a registration code. Contact Technical support and send as much info about your original purcahse as you can; including email, name, registered domain.

If you've purchased Wimpy prior to November 3, 2007, you'll have to re-purchase Wimpy. We do not have an upgrade or side-grade policy.



Example of what you see:

Upgrade Flash plugin


Quick Remedy:
You should have received an email containing a registration code for the new version of Wimpy, which will allow you to replace your old player with the new one.

No Player

If you're using the Javascript code to render the player in your page, be sure that you've included a reference to the wimpy javascript file in your source code.

The reference in your HTML page should looks similar to:

<script src="wasp.js"></script>


If there is no reference to the javascript file, then the player will not render in your page and all you will see is a blank box, similar to the example on the right.


Example of what you see:

Flash Player upgrade required


Quick Remedy:
Ensure that your HTML page includes a refernce to the javascript file.






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