AOL for the Mac - Flash 6 issue


"Due to the architecture of the browser, current versions of AOL browser for Macintosh do not currently support Flash Player 6. AOL on Macintosh may have Flash Player 5 installed, but this cannot currently be updated. These AOL users can view Flash 6 content by first connecting to the internet via AOL, then viewing web pages using a different web browser. For best results, choose a browser listed in System Requirements, then obtain the newest player from Flash Player Download Center. If you do try to view a web site that requires Flash Player 6 while using AOL on Macintosh, the web site may prompt you to download Flash Player 6, however, this player is not currently available for that particular browser and will not function."

You may be able to overcome this issue by editing the HTML generated by the Wimpy Customizer tool as follows:

Open the myWimpy.html page that the Customizer tool created in a text editor.

Search for the following:


In context:

<object ... codebase=",0,47,0" ...>

Change this to 8,0,0,0 so in context it will read as:

<object ... codebase=",0,0,0" ...>

Save an re-upload the myWimpy.html file.

Be sure to have the person using AOL on the Mac "empty their cache" so that AOL will retrieve the latest version of the page. You may want to include some kind of new word or symbol on the page so that by seeing the new word or symbol, you (and the person testing AOL on the Mac) will know that the new version of the page is loaded in the browser and not the older version of the page.









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