How do I install Wimpy?

Wimpy MP3 Player and Wimpy AV:

All you really have to do is upload Wimpy -- then upload mp3 (or flash video) files to the same folder that contains Wimpy.

Wimpy will automatically read the mp3 (or flash video) files that are located in the "wimpy" folder. Wimpy will also read any subfolders that are in the "wimpy" folder.

- Click here to access the "Quick Start Guides"

Sometimes "big" web hosting companies, such as GoDaddy, Yahoo and Homestead (among others), limit the functionality of the server, which may mean that the "automatic" directory reading won't work. If the automatic directory reading doesn't work, you can still use Wimpy... If this is the case, click here.

Your best bet is to download the free demo to see how things pan out. The only difference between the demo and the "real" version is that the demo limits play time to 10 seconds per track.


Wimpy Button and Wimpy Wasp:

To install these guys, just upload Wimpy -- then use the Customizer tool to generate the necessary HTML code to include the player in your existing web page. For Wimpy Button, we've created a tool called "Wimpy Button Maker" that allows you to generate an HTMl snippet using a desktop-based program.









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