Audio doesn't play on some machines

Wimpy should work on all machines that have the Flash plugin. There are no known issues with any of the popular browsers (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Safari) or operating systems (other than those that are described in the "Known issues" area of the Wimpy FAQs page).

The most commons problems are due to:

Not using the Customizer tool

- Attempting to edit the Wimpy HTML, JavaScript, XML, PHP, ASP or ColdFusion code manually is simply not a good idea.

Be sure to use the tools provided to generate the necessary code.

Flash Plugin Requirements:

- The Flash plugin not being installed
- The Flash plugin not being updated to a relatively recent version.

You can download the latest Flash plugin here:

Third-party "Internet Helper" programs:

- Using a third-party firewall program (such as Zone Alarm or Norton)
- Using a third party automatic download program

If your PC (or testing PC) has a third-party software installed, try disabling the software to see if that corrects the issue you are experiencing.

Network Firewall restrictions

If you're attempting to access a web site that contains Wimpy for work, your IT guys may have set up your network to prevent certain kinds of files from being accessed. Some business may restrict MP3 or video files from running on their network to minimize network traffic, and keep productivity up :) Contact your network admin to see if the network has any kind of file / bandwidth restrictions placed on it through the networks firewall.

It is also important to use full URLs to all files that are associated with Wimpy. Using relative paths (path/to/file.*) as opposed to a full URL (*) can cause display / playback problems.


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