Maximum Playlist Items

Wimpy MP3 Player can have thousands of items in the playlist. we've experimented with loading over 20K items into the Wimpy MP3 Player playlist. Granted it took about 20-30 seconds to transfer the 20K playlist data on a local network, but once it was available, Wimpy displayed and scrolled the entire list without a hitch.

Wimpy Rave is limited to about 50-100 items in the playlist due to the dynamic / graphical nature of the playlist. The total number of playlist items is basically determined by the end users PC and network capabilities. If the end user has a PC that was made in 1995 , and running Windows 98, their processor / system may not be able to handle massive amounts of calculations and data parsing that occurs within the Flash plugin when the playlist data is translated graphically.



Organize your media files into sub-folders
If your running Wimpy in "automatic" mode, where Wimpy automatically puts the track into the playlist based on the tracks on your server stored in folders and sub-folders, Create subfolders within your Wimpy installation folder and organize your tracks within these sub-folders. Sub-folders show up within Wimpy with a [ + ] next to each folder name -- allowing folks to navigate around the sub-folders like they do on their local PC.

Use a "Master Playlist"
If you're using XML playlists you can achive this directory navigation functionality within Wimpy by putting playlists within playlists. Split the playlists into smaller collections based on genre or artist rather than have one massive playlist that contains your entire collection. A "master playlist" would contain a list of other playlists within it. Playlist references appear within Wimpy with a "+" symbol next to them, so usesr can click on the playlist reference to open it. See "Playlists within Playlists."


The pros and cons between Wimpy MP3 Player and Wimpy Rave




Wimpy MP3 Player

- Been around for a while, stable.

- Thousands of items can be displayed in the playlist.


- Issues with data going into and out fo the player. Some characters choke the player. e.g. ? " ' & and non-western characters .

- Limited Javascript capabilities.

Wimpy Rave

- Newer code base.

- More robust Javascript, Plugins and API making it more flexible for developers

- 100% XML playlist driven

- Loading a lot of items into a single playlist may slow down the player due to the dynamic and graphical nature of the playlist.









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