IceCast and ShoutCast issues (and Live Broadcasts)

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Known Issues

The way that Wimpy works in conjunction with a streaming server is that it will connect, and then start streaming until the "post buffer" allocation has been met. In other words, once the number of seconds defined in "post buffer" has been reached, Wimpy will make another connection to the streaming server.

With some streaming servers, each time a connection is made the avatar is first played. This means that each time Wimpy makes a new connection, the avatar will play.

Another issue is that the demo version "forces" a new connection every 10 seconds regardless of the setting defined for "post buffer" (post buffer is configured using the Customizer tool).

So basically, if you use the non-demo version, you can set the "post buffer option" to a higher number -- anything between 10-1000 should work) -- however, once 10 or 1000 seconds have been streamed to the client, a new connection will be made and if your streaming server is set up so that an avatar gets played when a new connection starts, your avatar will once again play.

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