Wimpy doesn't display properly across different browsers / platforms.

Be sure to use the HTML code output from the Customizer Tool. Any alterations to the HTML code will cause the player to display incorrectly in one or all browsers. Double check that the HTML code is exactly the same as the HTML code that the Customizer Tool output.

Sometimes when copying and pasting HTML code using Dreamweaver, FrontPage (or similar) ampersand symbols "&" get converted to "&" -- which can cause the player to not behave as expected. Double check the HTMl code you are using in your page with the HTML code that the Customizer Tool outputs.

If you're using CSS/DHTML in your page, and you've validated that the HTML code is identical to the HTML code generated by the Customizer Tool, check to see that styles, or style attributes assigned to any DIV or wrapping tags are not interfering with the display attributes for the player.

Certain attributes assigned through CSS styles, such as; width, height, visible and other "visual" type attributes such as positioning can interfere with how the player is rendered in your page.

Since, some style attributes only work with certain browsers, troubleshooting style-related issues can be time consuming. Pin-pointing the exact attribute that is causing the error(s) is a matter of trial and error.

The best method to isolate style-related problems is to remove one style class from your style sheet at a time, clear your browser's cache, then reload the page. Once you've isolated the style class that is causing the problem, remove each attribute defined in the troublesome class, one at a time using the same method as described above, to determine the exact attribute that is causing the problem.

- Bill Rousseau ( experienced issues with "fixed position" <div> tags. You may want to start there.


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