Click to activate - Internet Explorer ActiveX bug.

Microsoft recently released an update to Internet Explorer that changes how Internet Explorer handles some web pages that use interactive controls. Wimpy is based on Adobe Flash, which uses interactive controls.

Click here for more information on this topic.

Solutions for the need to double click on Wimpy when using Internet Explorer follow.

Wimpy Button:

Follow the instructions for using the "JavaScript button" HTML code generated by the Wimpy Button Maker tool. Click here to view the instructions.


Wimpy Wasp:

See example 1 (readme_wasp_example1.html) in the Wasp download package for an example of how to render Wasp using JavaScript.

Wimpy MP3 Player

Use SWFobject to include Wimpy on your page. Click here for details on using SWFobject with Wimpy Mp3 Player.







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