How do I get the audio to always play while people surf my site?

There are two ways to allow the audio to continue playing while users navigate your site.

1. You can set your web site up using an HTML frameset. Click here for an example.

2. You can pop up the player into a new window. Click here for more info. Or you can download some pop-up example files.

The intrinsic problem is that there is no way to magically float an object that is included (embedded) in a web page. Once the user goes to a new page, all the objects (images, text, wimpy, etc.) on the old page go away, and all the objects on the new page are loaded.

Technically, and i mean from a strict, logical / theoretical point of view, at the moment that the user decides to go to a new page, you should be able to store the playlist and the current millisecond of the song. Then when the new page loads up, re-construct the playlist and reload the current track and fast-forward the track to X millisecond, so that the user doesn't even notice that the player has changed and that the sound continues to play without skipping a beat... but theory and practicality are two separate worlds. Theoretically it can be done, but in the "real world" things don't happen instantly over the internet. Things can happen near-instantly in a vacuum (local PC) or in a dedicated application (like iTunes), but when we are dealing with transferring and loading files, things just don't happen instantly.

A practical approach would be to ensure that the player does not unload and re-load each time a person goes to a new page. This can be accomplished using a pop up window or a frame set.

When the player is in a frame or pop up window, you will still be able to interact with it via javascript. (e.g. adding items to the playlist and controlling it). Doing so will require tacking on the window ID (name) to any javascript actions involving the player so that we can "point" the browser to the proper location.

In the Wimpy MP3 Player Javascript Kit, see example # 7 ( readme_wimpy_mp3_js_example7.html )

For Wimpy Rave, see the "read me - javascript" file:








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