Force Download Issues

When using the "force download" option (where users get a "save as" dialog) the request for the download is being handled by PHP. Using the "force download" option may not work as expected due to how the server and or PHP is configured.

The server administrator has the ability to configure PHP so that there are certain limits are placed on how PHP operates. The "force download" option may cause a file being requested to not fully download based on how PHP is configured on the server and due to one of the following settings as defined in the PHP configuration file (php.ini):

- Max execution time (max_execution_time)
- Memory Limit (memory_limit)

Contact with the server administrator and see if they canto alter the PHP configuration settings (defined in the "php.ini" file on the server).

Or rather than using the "force download" option, re-use the Customizer Tool and set the download kind to "simple link."












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