The Preview button doesn't work

(Can not locate skin file.)

If you are configuring wimpy to work on your local environment, be sure to set the size of the skin manually. You can set the size manually by clicking the "Set size manually" in the "HTML Display Options " section of the Customizer tool.

Also, the "Preview" option will not work because the Customizer tool does not have access to your local environment, which means that the Customizer tool can not automatically read the width and height of your skin file, nor will the Customizer tool be able to load the files so that you can "preview" the player because the Wimpy files are located on your local network -- and the Customizer tool doesn't have access to the files on your local network.

After setting the options in the Customizer tool, click the "Download" button at the end of the Customizer tool to download a "myWimpy.html" file, then upload or move the "myWimpy.html" file to your local web server, then use your browser to access the "myWimpy.html" file on your local web site.







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