FLV playback problems.

(Only plays X seconds, advancing to the next video, looping, timeline issues, etc.)

Some FLV encoders (especially older encoders) fail to incorporate a time signature within the "meta" tags of the FLV file.

Meta tags are simply little pieces of information included in the file that provide specific information about the file such as author, title time signature, compression settings and so on.

Wimpy is dependent on properly formatted meta tags -- specifically the "duration" tag to determine the proper length of the video in total seconds.

If you used an encoder that did not include the duration of the video in the meta tags, then wimpy will not know how long the file is in total seconds -- hence, the "scrubber" (or time line controller) will default to thinking that the video is about 10 seconds.

To resolve this issue, you will have to run your FLV video through a "Time Fixer" so that the FLV contains the proper "duration" meta tag -- click here to learn about "Time Fixers".

The page above refers to two "time fixer" utilities. We recommend using "FLV MetaData Injector" because this utility seems to do a better job of accurately setting the "duration" meta data.







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